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  NA - Condos & townhomes, Developments


The Wynn Family has been in business together since 1984. They have developed and owned approximately $1.5 billion of real estate, primarily in Toronto, Canada, The United States of America, The Middle East and The Caribbean. Their impressive portfolio knows no bounds. Other endeavors include a Toronto fitness chain with approximately 32,000 members and a 50% interest in one of the most prolific solar energy companies in their home province of Ontario. Recently, the brothers started a charitable foundation that they have capitalized with a $140,000,000.00 contribution. As Permanent Residents of The Bahamas, The Wynn Family is passionate about the country and its people and are proud to be developing Goldwynn.


Goldwynn has partnered with Small Luxury Hotels of The World. Small Luxury Hotels doesn’t believe bigger is better. They think small hotels offer a unique personal touch that leaves a lasting impression. They seek out the little gems that offer genuine, one-of-a-kind experiences – and every one of their 520 small, independent hotels has one thing in common: excellence. SLH carefully selects each of their hotels to celebrate their individual quirks and characters, and ensure they are all of a consistently high standard. They don’t settle for average and would never accept anything less than luxury.


Now The Residences at Goldwynn, the property once called the Gold Blossom has an impressive and storied legacy. Constructed in 1936 in the traditional British colonial architectural style, the famous estate in Nassau featured pastel colours and long, sweeping verandas overlooking the pristine and yet to be discovered shoreline. Many decades later, this would become known as the fashionable resort destination of Cable Beach. Some of the Gold Blossom’s earliest patrons were no less than royalty. When King Edward the VIII abdicated the throne in what became known as “the love story of the century” out of devotion for the twice-divorced Lady Wallace Simpson, he and his wife were banished to an obscure part of the British Empire – The Bahamas – to ride out the war that was soon to engulf Europe.

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